Bike racks designed and tested in New Zealand since 1989.

  • A bike rack for e-bikes

    E-RACK 2

    The rack built for e-bikes.
  • Enduro 4 Platform Bike Rack

    ENDURO 4

    A robust platform rack for the whole team.
  • Enduro 2 Platform Bike Rack

    ENDURO 4

    A platform rack with generous spacing.
  • New Zealand's favourite prong bike rack

    ADVANTAGE 2 & 4

    New Zealand's favourite prong rack.
  • Bootmount 3 Pro Bike Rack


    No towbar required - just strap it on.
  • Bootmount 3 Bike Rack


    No towbar required. Simple and effective.
    The Enduro 4 Bike Rack mounted to a SUV

    Tow Ball Mounted Bike Racks

    Large weight capacity. Huge variety.
    Bootmounted bike rack on a Mazda 2

    Boot Mounted Bike Racks

    No tow bar, no worries.
    All bikes strap on to the platform bike racks


    Get the most out of your ride.
    E-Rack 2 bike rack loading 2 ebikes

    Strong by necessity

    A bike rack designed with e-bikes in mind.

    We are riders.

    We believe everyone should have the chance to ride more - ride more mountains, ride more trails, ride more cities, ride more parks. Since 1989 we have designed and produced bike racks that help you bring your ride on all your journeys.
    All our bike racks are tested in the all-weather, all-terrain that makes New Zealand the adventure destination of the world.
    If you are using an Ezigrip, you can rest assured that no matter what the journey, you can ride more.

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