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Love your rack

From our first single prong rack in 1989, to a range of racks that meet the needs of every bike today - we are the rack and ride experts.

Racks that get you riding

We love riding. We don't love the endless games of Tetris that are needed to get all your bikes fitting just-so on a rack, so we created a range of bike racks to change that. Big wheels, little wheels, steel frames, complex carbon fiber top tubes, boost hubs, batteries, motors, triple clamp forks - bikes have evolved and our racks evolved with them.

We've been engineering bike racks since 1989. Burly design, made to last with, as one rider put it, "exceptional hidden sophistication".

All racks need good support

It should always be as simple as rack it, and ride it.

So to keep your faithful Ezigrip rack defying gravity for many years to come, we have made sure that our expertise are just a phone call away and that our spare parts inventory is fully stocked.

Don't bin a perfectly good rack, give us a call.

The Original Ezigrip Bike Rack

Well engineered bike racks since 1989

Ezigrip has been New Zealand’s leading bike rack brand for three decades. In 1989, Michael Parker, the founder of towbar manufacturer Best Bars, was approached to build a custom rack so an adventurous Kiwi could take his bike on a journey. Michael was quick to see this adventurous Kiwi for what he was – the everyday Kiwi. New Zealanders have loved adventuring since they called the island country home. With sandy beaches, volcanic mountains, snow capped peaks, dense forests and rocky hills, the country offers up a wealth of opportunity for adventure. 
So Michael set about creating a rack that everyone could use, applying the same high standard for quality and longevity that made Best Bars a household name.
And everyone loved it.
To this day, you can still spot the original Ezigrip cruising down the motorways of New Zealand and Australia with bikes sitting snug in the tell-tale blue clamps.

Bike racks made for bikes

Now Ezigrip is owned by Hamish Parker, Michael Parker’s son.
As a rider himself, Hamish knows the best rides need a rack before the ride. We have at our core the adventurous streak that all New Zealanders possess, and nothing spells adventure quite like packing up the car, ute or van and heading off with your two wheeled steed. More riding means more adventure, so why not make any old day into an adventure.
That’s why we make bike racks that you can use every day. They are strong, functional and made with bikes in mind. Kids bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes, dirt jumpers, commuters and road bikes, we have a rack to suit all types.
We can’t forget where we came from either – so we continue working hard to make sure all Ezigrip products live long full lives like that first classic bike rack. This means stocking a multitude of spare parts and making our after-sales support second to none. 
With an Ezigrip bike rack, you can rack it and ride it, everyday.
Erack 2 for ebikes


Got a problem with your rack?

If you have a fault with your Ezigrip product and you believe it is under warranty, please return the product to the shop you purchased it from to open a Warranty Claim. We will work with your local bike shop to get the issue sorted quickly so you can ride more again soon.
Feel free to contact one of our team for more information using our online inquiry, or the phone numbers below.
For New Zealand based enquiries:
Parker Limited
New Zealand Phone: (09) 239 3994
For Australia based enquiries:
Email: sales@bikecorp.com.au

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