Designed and tested in New Zealand.

View All Tow Ball Mounted Racks

We produce both platform and prong racks that mount to your tow ball. Mounting directly to the tow ball means a greater weight carrying capacity.
  • E-RACK 2

    The rack built for e-bikes.
    $835 NZD
  • ENDURO 4

    The rack for the whole team.
    $500 - $639 NZD
  • ENDURO 2

    The rack with generous spacing.
    $359 - $439 NZD
  • ADVANTAGE 2 & 4

    New Zealand's favourite prong rack.
    $165 - $185 NZD

    View All Boot Mounted Racks

    Our boot mounted racks can strap on to most vehicle types. No towbar required.
    • BOOTMOUNT 3 Pro

      No towbar required; just strap it on.
      $250 NZD

      No towbar required. Simple and effective.
      $160 NZD

      View All Accessories

      Our accessories help you make the most of your ride.
      • Load ebikes easily with the E-Rack Ramp

        E-RACK RAMP

        E-bikes are heavy. With a ramp, just wheel the bike into position.
        $60 NZD
      • Bike Buddy Product Shot

        BIKE BUDDY

        The Bike Buddy acts a top tube so you can fit any bike to a prong.
        $60 NZD
      • Bungee Kit product shot

        BUNGEE KIT

        A Bungee Kit helps to keep your bikes in position.
        $35 NZD
      • Bike Bones Product Shot

        BIKE BONES

        Bike Bones strap between the wheels of two bikes - keeping them separated.
        $30 NZD
      • Ratchet Upgrade Kit helps strap bikes quickly


        Get the latest straps and cradles for your Enduro rack.
        $80 NZD