Bootmount 3 Pro

No towbar, no worries.





SKU: 7P38
3x bike
Fits adult and kids bikes.
45 kg maximum capacity
Allows for three 15 kg bikes
Fits most vehicle types
With an adjustable frame angle and prong angle, this rack can fit almost any vehicle
Adjustable prong angle
Prong angle can be adjusted to ensure the best possible fit to a vehicle
Unique shock absorber
A unique system to ensure less movement on a bumpy ride
A slight 5 kg that also folds away making for easy carry and storage
Easy strap kit included
Camlock straps with protective rubber sleeves included to help keep bikes in place
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High density foam protects your bike and helps keep it in place.
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Angle between brackets and prong can easily be adjusted to fit almost any vehicle type.
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Foam on the riser tube to protect your bike.
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Rubber shock absorber helps reduce bounce during bumpy rides.
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3 pairs of camlock straps secure the rack to the vehicle.
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High density foam at all points where the rack contacts the car to protect your car.
Part Number:
No. of Bikes:
Maximum weight capacity:
45 kg (3x 15 kg bikes)
Fitting type:
Almost all vehicle types, excluding some vehicles with rear spoilers.
Bike size:
Adult and children bikes.
Assembled rack dimensions:
490 mm W x 810 mm D x 760 mm H
Rack weight:
5 kg
In the box:
rack, manual, camlock straps
adjustable prong angle
unique shock absorbers
high density foam to protect your bike and help keep it in place
folds away for easy carry and storage
camlock strap kit with protective rubber sleeves
high density foam at contact point with vehicle to protect vehicle paint
foam protector on riser tube to protect the bikes
Ever tried removing the front wheel off your bike and Tetrissing the parts into the back of a Mazda 2?
We have. It’s not fun.
We much prefer connecting a few straps and sitting our bike on a sturdy prong where the mud from the tires does not ruin the upholstery of the car seats.
So if you don’t have a towbar but you love to ride – then don’t worry, the Bootmount 3 Pro will get you there without any mud in your car.
Our racks are available in all good bike shops across New Zealand and Australia. Support your local bike shop - just find out who they are here: