E-Rack 2

The bike rack made for e-bikes.

Tow ball mounted platform rack that carries 2 x Ebikes

- 60 KG max capacity

- 4 function light board

- Generous 250 mm spacing between bikes

2x E-bike
Max wheelbase 1.4 m
Each bike up to 30 kg
60 kg maximum capacity
Allows for two 30 kg e-bikes
250 mm spacing
Generous spacing between bikes to prevent bikes touching
Whole rack, including bikes, tilts forward to allow for boot access
Neatly fold into itself to allow for easy storage and carry
Rack locks onto towball and clamp locks to bike frame
4 function lightboard keeps
you safe on the road
50 mm towball
Fits standard 50 mm towballs only
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Carbon-friendly rubber padded clamps that can lock to the frame.
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4 function lights
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Rubber sleeves to protect your rims.
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Locks to the towball.
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Easy carry handle for installation.
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Simple lever to tilt the rack for boot access - even with the bikes loaded.
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Wheel tray accommodates tyre sizes up to 2.8".
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Quick fit ratchet straps.
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Integrated lever to fix the rack to the towball - no extra tools required.
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Multi-function webbing strap adds security to the front wheel during transit & secures rack when folded.
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License plate holder.
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Arms fold up when not in use.
Part Number:
No. of Bikes:
Maximum weight capacity:
60 kg (2x 30 kg e-bikes)
Fitting type:
Towbar, with 50 mm towball only.
Not suitable with convertible tow balls.
Interchangeable or convertible style tow balls allow you to change the size of the ball without removing the entire tow ball assembly.
Bike size:
Adult and children bikes. Fits up to 1400 mm wheel base.
Allowable tire width:
Up to 2.8 inches
Assembled rack dimensions:
1160 mm W x 700 mm D x 770 mm H
Rack weight:
21 kg
In the box:
rack, lights, license plate holder, manual, cable ties, keys
locks to bike frame
locks to towball
ratchet straps to quickly fit bike
padded clamp to fit to bike frame
additional webbing strap to reduce front wheel turn
folds away for easy carry and storage
single lever tilt for boot access when loaded and unloaded
4 function light board with 7 pin plug
integrated lever at towball mount
rubber sleeve on ratchet straps to protect rims and frame
We remember our first time riding an e-bike. Our first thought was: this is too heavy. 
Then our second thought was… yahoooooooo!
Once the mud had dried and our heart had stopped racing, our Ezigrip brain took over and we knew we needed a rack that could handle these hefty bikes. So we set about creating a rack that would do the job well without breaking the bank. 
To this day, the E-Rack 2 is our preferred rack of choice for all riding – both battery and man powered.
Our racks are available in all good bike shops across New Zealand and Australia. Support your local bike shop - just find out who they are here: