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First, check to see if your towball is loose. Pop your head under the towball to look at the nut and try turning the rack again. Can you see the nut moving? If yes, you need to tighten up your towball.
Towball nice and tight but your rack is still turning? Better check you are using the correct towball for that rack. Check the Fitting Instructions or consult our FAQ “What towball should I use?”.
So your towball is tight with a CAPITAL T, and your towball is definitely the right type for that rack, but the rack STILL TURNS… Best to review the fitting instructions once more (and check out our handy videos) to make sure you have fitted the rack properly.
Ok, you’ve checked the towball is tight, the towball is definitely the right one for the rack and you have made all the right moves fitting the rack to your car but the rack still (frustratingly) turns. You need to head back to your good bike store and get those knowledgeable folk to take a look. But be warned, if your towball is loose you owe them a beer.
You can use a 1-7/8″ towball with the Advantage rack ONLY. The towball cannot be a goose-neck ball as it must have a tongue plate for the riser tube of the Advantage rack to sit on.
The Enduro and E-Rack series are designed for 50mm towballs ONLY.
Interchangeable towballs are only compatible with our Advange series prong racks.
The Enduro and E-Rack series must NOT be used interchangeabke towballs due to their towball clamping design. Using interchangeable towballs with these racks will void warranty as they could cause damage to the rack.
It’s best to always check your Fitting Instructions. But here is a quick reference:
  • Advantage series
    • 50 mm towball
    • 1-7/8″ towball
    • NOT interchangeable or European gooseneck towballs. European towbars do not have a flat platform for the bike rack tube to sit on.
  • E-Rack series
    • NZ standard 50 mm towball, or European ISO towballs
    • NOT anything else
  • Enduro series
    • NZ standard 50 mm towball, or European ISO towballs
    • NOT anything else
  • Titan series
    • 50 mm towball
    • 1-7/8″ towball
    • NOT European goose-neck towballs
That’s ok – not everyone does. We have boot mounted racks available for just that reason.
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